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Exterior Painting Request Process

Looking to repaint the exterior of your home but not sure what colors are available?  Good news!  Fox Crossing has adopted an expanded exterior color palette for our community with over 31 distinct schemes (with 3-4 variations each).  In addition, the expanded color palette is available to the entire community meaning we no longer have distinct zones by subdivision.


Your request must be APPROVED by the Architectural Committee before proceeding with painting your home!   The Architectural Committee meets on the second Tuesday of each month to review requests so submit your request early.

To select a color palette for your home and have it approved, follow the simple steps below:

  • Step 1: View the available color palettes.  You can view them at any of the following:
  • Step 2: Obtain color chips of the palette you selected by:
    • Picking them up at the Dunn-Edwards store located at 2190 W. Chandler Blvd, #E
    • Ordering them through the Dunn-Edwards Color Ark Pro color archive (i.e. use the "Order Color Chips" button below the palette you selected)
  • Step 3: After making your palette selection, complete a Painting Request Form, attach the color chips, and drop it off at the Premier Community Management office or mail to:


Fox Crossing Homeowners Association
c/o Premier Community Management
3930 S Alma School Rd Suite 10
Chandler AZ 85248


Phone:  480 704-2900 480 704-2900
Fax:  480 704-2905

Other things to note:

  • Painting Request Forms meeting all of the guidelines listed may be approved by the community manager and do not need to wait for the monthly ARC committee meeting.
  • All painting must be submitted for prior approval.
  • You must choose colors from the approved color palette. These colors replace any of the original builder color schemes. Many older and outdated colors have been retired and repainting existing colors is not permitted.
  • Chips of the Dunn-Edwards paint colors you choose from the approved color palette must be attached to the Painting Request Form.
  • A minimum of two colors must be chosen with body and garage door being the first color and at least the fascia being the second color. A 3-color or 4-color scheme may be attained by choosing additional colors for the pop outs and entry door.
  • Paint manufacturer selection other than Dunn-Edwards MUST be professionally color matched to the Dunn- Edwards samples attached. A post-completion color inspection will be performed.
  • Homeowner is advised to use quality paint for durability in Arizona climate. Suggested are the following Dunn-Edwards exterior paints: Acri-Hues (Good); Spartashield (Better); Evershield (Best).
  • Fox Crossing residents receive a 37% discount off list price of Dunn-Edwards paint products when using account #188531-000. This discount applies only for retail purchases made directly by Fox Crossing homeowners.


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