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The Association currently has chartered committees that report to the Board of the Directors.  The purpose of these committees is to encourage resident participation in the operations of the Association.  Each committee is chaired by one board member and is accountable for ensuring the direction of the committee and that it meets the requirements of the Board.  If you wish to participate on a committee please contact us


Greenbelt Improvement 
This is a new committee put together to explore potential improvements to our greenbelt common areas for the benefit of all homeowners.  This is an excellent opportunity for homeowners to get involved in helping improve our common spaces in the community! 


Members: Teresa Torpis (chair), Steve Fanning, Marc Chesin, Bobbi Fisher


This committee is chartered to manage the architectural request/review process and ensures that all resident applications for architectural modifications are responded to in a timely manner. The committee is also responsible for the Fox Crossing Design Guidelines and Community Rules, the document that defines the architectural requirements and community rules.


Members: Teresa Torpis (chair), Peggy Beswick, Steve Burke, Carol Lacey


Community Affairs and Communication
This committee is charged with keeping abreast of local happenings in state/local government and projects that impact our community. The committee is also responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the Fox Crossing Homeowners Association website, Facebook page, as well as publication of any external communications.


Members: Mike Stephens (chair) 

This committee is responsible for managing the budgeting, reporting and auditing of community assets and expenses. This includes overseeing the reserve study and audit of the community financial records as required.


Members: Peggy Beswick (chair) and Teresa Torpis


This committee is responsible for overseeing the repair, maintenance, and service of the community common areas and greenbelt. This includes the management of our primary landscape maintenance contractor, ELS Landscape Maintenance and any other contractors including pest control, electrical repair/maintenance, street sweeping, etc.


Members: Lisa Raby (chair), Ginger Wellard, Julie Shade, Doug Shade, Greg Raby

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